Essex Trees Bark Mulch can be delivered in Billericay and surrounding areas

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Bark Mulch supplied and delivered in Essex

Bark Mulch from Essex Trees

Essex Trees can supply bulk loads of wood mulch delivered to your address in Essex and surrounding areas.

All cuttings from our tree surgery work are processed through wood chippers, this not only provides an easier way to transport the material, it also allows our tree surgeons to recycle as mulch or as a fuel for biomass energy.

How can wood mulch benefit my garden?

A layer of mulch is like giving your plants and vegetables a permanent layer of food for them to draw on helping your plants to thrive. Many use mulch in their garden as it surpresses weeds and other competitive species from areas, as it breaks down the soil is enriched and retains nutrients, improving the growth ability of your plants. Using wood mulch on exposed soil areas in your garden stops weeds from sprouting up and making your garden look unsightly. Before applying mulch make sure that your soil is free from any weeds or unwanted plants and then apply the mulch over the soil, moving it right up to the base of each of the plants.

Mulching is advisable to any area where trees or shrubs grow and used by many gardeners and farmers to reduce the loss of soil matter, nutrients and also reduce the direct impact of heavy rain on soil which can cause erosion.

Mulching your flowerbeds or vegetables will also retain moisture in the soil ensuring you will not have to water your plants or vegetables as often and act to prevent plant disease and pests.

Wood mulch has aesthetical benefits as well as practical and can improve the whole appearance of your garden. Mulch really brings your flowerbeds to life, making the area much neater and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

You can also use a wide strip of mulch to border your mowed areas of lawn for ease of mowing and to improve the look of your garden.

Mulch can be delivered in bulk bags or loose to suit your location and requirements.

Let’s get mulching – How much mulch do you need?

To enable the mulching process to have maximum effect, mulch at a depth of 10cm is recommended by Essex trees. You need to work out the approximate area you need to cover in metres. One cubic metre of mulch can be applied to 10m in length by 1m wide. Of course you can simply halve this should you require the mulch to cover a larger surface area without having a depth of 10cm.

For circular areas in your garden that you wish to use mulch, you will need to measure the radius of the circle and multiply this by itself. For areas of your garden that are irregular shaped a good trick is to use string to work out the length and width by measuring the area and then straightening out the string to calculate the correct measurements.

What is the cost of mulch from Essex Trees?

We supply bulk (builders) bags for £40, and loose for £30, a small delivery charge applies to both.

If you would like to order wood mulch today, please fill in your details in the form below and we will contact you to confirm your order and a delivery time.

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