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Ingatestone and Stock

Tree surgery in Ingatestone and Stock

Based in Stock, Ingatestone, Essex Trees carry out a lot of work in this area for both tree services such as tree reductions,   pruning, reducing and oak reduction ingatestomeof course tree removal if needed. Being a rural area, Ingatestone has its fair share of wildlife and trees and as with anything in life, these trees need to be maintained.

At the time of contacting us we would arrange a convenient time to come and look at your tree and decide between us the best course of action for both you and your tree. We can then provide a quote for the tree work needing to be carried out and advise how long the work will take to complete.

No tree is too big for Essex Trees as we have worked on many large precarious trees in our career and have a vast amount of experience within the tree surgery industry. We have the skills and knowledge to deal with any size tree in any condition so feel free to call us for advice.

Should you need your tree felled we can also provide stump removal services to ensure that there are no visible parts of the tree remaining.

Firewood and Logs for Sale in Ingatestone

Dealing with  a lot of wood in our business, produced from our tree surgeon work, we believe in putting the product back to nature and as a result offer an additional service to tree surgery, supplying logs and firewood in the area. Many residents and businesses in Ingatestone benefit from wood burners or fireplaces in their properties and are in constant need of wood supplies during the winter months.

Essex Trees supply seasoned firewood sold in bulk bags and delivered straight to your door. Our firewood and logs are of the highest quality with less than 20% moisture content which ensures you get the best deal at competitive prices.

Another wood product we supply is wood mulch for your garden and again this can be sold in bulk at great prices.