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Tree Surgeons in Brentwood for your commercial contracts or domestic work

Brentwood area is blooming with large mature trees in Essex which makes this a desirable location to live. However as with most things in life, tree surgeons Brentwoodthese trees need to be maintained to keep them aesthetically appealing and also ensure on a practical note that they are not causing any disruption to those around you.

So where do you find a tree surgeon in Brentwood?

There are many tree surgeons covering Brentwood area so you won’t be short of quotes however how do you ensure you choose the correct one?

Essex Trees are a team of highly skilled and qualified arborists who have been working on tree contracts and domestic trees in Brentwood for a number of years now. Living locally, we can not only assist with your tree maintenance but also provide many homes in Essex with firewood and mulch at competitive prices which we recycle from the tree work we carry out locally. Our seasoned logs are sold in bulk bags and delivered to your door. We can also provide mulch for your garden in bulk to make your garden really stand out.

We have public liability insurance cover of 5 million to give all our customers piece of mind combined with over 15 years experience working with trees and are trained in arbiculture. Essex Trees take on the jobs others can’t which confirms our level of expertise. No tree job is too big for us (spot us above in the picture working on one of the large trees in Brentwood recently) as with our experience working on large difficult trees in the UK and around Europe we know that with the right skills and thought out planning any tree work can be completed well by skilled professionals such as ours.

Tree surgery isn’t just about tree felling it’s also about crown reductions, crown lifting and pruning your trees using the best methods and techniques to nourish them back to health. With a passion for trees, Essex Trees will advise you on what will be the best approach for any project and leave your trees flourishing and looking amazing. It is not about the money for us but more about our love and care for trees. Of course we all need to make a living however we want trees in Brentwood to continue to thrive therefore we will always offer advice which will be best suited to your requirements and the trees needs.

Tree Preservation Orders in Brentwood

Should your tree have a Tree Preservation Order or TPO as it’s otherwise known, we can advise you on the process and contact the relevant authorities to ensure the tree is worked on correctly saving you the time and stress of doing this yourself. Removing a tree that has a TPO can lead to prosecution therefore it is vital that the correct measures are taken before any work is carried out on the tree in question.

If you have any questions about tree work in Brentwood and would like a quote to maintain your trees, contact Essex Trees on 0774 222 9548 or email and we will get back to you to arrange a convenient time for us to visit.