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What are the benefits of wood mulch?

Wood mulch can be extremely beneficial for any planted area, be that in your garden, outside your company building etc, as it is a soil improverbuy wood mulch and acts as a suppressant to weeds. As it breaks down it releases nitrogen and phosphates which enrich the soil. Mulch is highly recommended for any bare earth, in particular, areas around trees. If a tree is struggling you can create a mulch layer around it as this will only benefit the tree.

Other uses for mulch can be used as low grade biomass, Essex Trees prefer to offer ours as mulch to be recycled back to the earth .  Our best deal is our mega load , which is six cubic metres for £120. This price includes delivery in our truck if you are within 10 miles of Stock. If you are outside of this service area we do charge an additional surcharge to cover the distance however our main customers do tend to be local.

What types of trees are used for our wood mulch?

The types of trees used for wood mulch is extremely relevant and will determine the standard and quality of the mulch and Essex Trees pride ourselves on the quality of our mulch. For us we use whatever trees we come across for our tree surgery and forestry works however we only use hardwood trees not Conifers. Our wood mulch is from 100% hardwood deciduous trees. That is why our wood mulch is such good quality. Conifer mulch has a high acidity and is not so good for the soil and is not what you should expect when purchasing mulch. Hardwood is the type of wood that is best for wood mulch.

Why are Conifer trees not a good choice for wood mulch?

You often see with Conifers that the grass around the tree has died off. If you ever go into a Conifer forest or a Pine forest there’s nothing else on the understory because as the needles break down they give off an acid which makes the soil less receptive to new seeds and is a way that the Conifers and the Pines dominate a forest so that no other species grow in that area. It is not diverse, it stops it, so you can see by the grass that it dies off therefore if this is put into woodchip/ wood mulch, this can change the acidity and if the wood mulch is 100% conifer chip it can change the acidity of the soil which can then affect the flowers or plants you are trying to grow. The type of wood mulch you buy can have a huge effect on your garden so it is vital you ensure the trees used are hardwood rather than Conifers.

If you work on my tree can you use the wood from my tree for mulch for my garden?

For wood mulch, you have to wait for the mulch to break down because the wood is still porous and can actually soak rather than keep the water in as a water retainer; it can draw the water out. After a period of approximately two months the mulch has started to break down however Essex Trees leave the mulch for four months to ensure it is of the best quality.  What we can do for customers wanting to use the mulch from their tree we have just worked on is to leave the mulch in a pile for them to use however we don’t recommend this as you will have to wait months until the mulch breaks down before you can use it.

If you purchase wood mulch from Essex Trees you can guarantee that once you have gone to the effort of spreading it out and laying it correctly, getting a nice finish, your soil will be healthier, conserve moisture, reduce the amount of weeds in the area you have laid and the general appearance of your garden will look much more appealing.

How can I work out how much woodchip/mulch is needed for the area I require?

Mulch is recommended to put on as a layer 4 – 6 inches deep which may seem excessive however that is the Royal Horticultural Society’s recommendations. As it breaks down and compresses, with a layer of 4 – 6 inches you will not get a lot of weeds coming through. I carried out my own experiment to verify this and placed a mulch layer around an Oak tree at the recommended level and the only things that came through the wood mulch were Daffodils, which actually made the Oak tree look even more outstanding.

To work out the amount of mulch you will need, roughly measure the area you need to cover in square meters and times it by 6. This will give you a 6 inch layer of wood mulch for the area you need to cover, which is plenty.

Using wood mulch for areas of your garden saves you time weeding and is definitely worth making the effort. If you do not wish to lay the mulch yourself and need a helping hand, that’s not a problem. We have a mulch team who would be happy to lay the mulch for you. Our crane and loader can be used to deliver the mulch exactly where it is needed and our team can lay the mulch saving you the bother.